1 To begin with broadband connection is advisable. First you will need a file sharing Client ( program ) for use on the the various Bit Torrent networks out there. I use one called `BitTornado`, you can download and install it from HERE

2 Then you will need to know some sites for getting your TV shows, films etc straight from the USA etc from, try these ones here -

Because you have already installed a Client program then when you go to download something from the lists the Client program will automatically start and manage your download for you. Try downloading a TV episode or something.

Typically divx encoded TV shows are around 350 Megabytes and films are around 700 Megabytes.

If you have installed the windows codecs from this site then you will now be able to watch them on your PC or DivX enabled DVD player ( eg Philips dvp630 ).

3 To convert for use with your Hand Held device you will need the following program – Avi2DivX Converter –

Once installed, you can open files with it and convert them your self into the format used on this site, these are the settings I use –

a- Tick the `need to output audio` and `advance outputsettings` boxes

b- Open the `Advances output settings` TAB then select the following – Custom ( type in 320x240 ( for 4:3 aspect ratio files ), or 320x180 ( for widescreen ). Select Mp3 128k, Select `original files framerate. Select OK to return to main program

c- In `Output Avi codec select Xvid MPEG4

d- Select AVI codec setting, then encoding mode 1 pass CDR and finally type in a bitrate of 430. Press OK and your done. Now you can select input files to convert for use with your handheld ( 200mhz and up models ).

e- don`t forget to select the `use advance output setting` box every time you use the program as it is not on by default.