1. Q. Who or what are the Whores of Babylon, I noticed 4 of their videos in the Video downloads section ?

A. Whores of Babylon are a band formed me ( Gobz ) in Bristol 1992 we have released 2 CDs during 1994 & 1996 ( on Candlelight & Skyfall records ), 1 CD in 1999 under the name of SOUNDISCIPLES – Undefined ( Music for Nations records ) and NOISELAB in 2000 ( Destination Unknown most downloaded song ever in the over all Metal category on www.peoplesound.com ).

The Whores of Babylon proper reformed in 2002 with new material in the pipeline and will be searching for a new record label.

2. Q. What is the music that plays with your logos at the beginning of all of the music videos ?

A. These are sound bytes from NOISELAB aka Whores of Babylon, destination Unknown etc visit www.302musicjunction.co.uk and then select the Noiselab site for more info and free downloads


3. Q. Cor you`ve got some spiggin great vids on `ere like !, got anymore MR ?

A. Yeah I`ve got 100`s and if the site is successful then I`ll convert and upload loads more of classics and recent stuff ( all Metal, no PopPunk and some techno/house etc and maybe TV shows etc.


4. Q. Where did you get your hands on so much class stuff ?

A. I`ve been collecting `em for years, started off with me recording and digitizing them from Stereo broadcast TV shows then later getting them from the net and fixing the sound on the ones that had crap quality audio tracks ( by using the original mp3 audio track and replacing the crap ones with them using pro audio software tools, cos hey I`m an audio engineer after all so why fackin not ).

I`ve also been collecting TV show series first broadcast in the USas well, but hey gonna need a lot of space to host all that too, maybe later, maybe someone could provide some more gigs of webspace to get `em online too.


5. Q. What else can I use my mobile phone / palm PDA / pocket PC for ?

A. As for your mobile phone, not much !, let`s face it it`s basically a phone that doubles up as a 21st century `Fisher Price activity centre !`, jack of all trades and master of none ( except making phone calls ), not even good for sending long texts, sending em on phone enabled PDA/Pocket PCs use real keyboards on screen.

As for your PDA / Pocket PC – loads visit www.handango.com for trial versions of all the latest applications and games that you can use them for


6. Q. I want to advertise on this site ?

A. Send me an email and we`ll see what we can sort out.


7 . Q. What da spiggin `eck is all this Cookie Monster nonsense ?

A. He is our lord and mentor, we base our life`s work on his teachings !, in fact he is our religion. For more on this visit our religion page on our old `Dimebag Does Dallas` site – Click here

Nuff said for now.