In order to watch these videos on a PC please visit the downloads section and install all of the CODEC ( encoder/decoder ) packages there, plus WinAmp 5 Media player or use your Windows Media player if you prefer.


Your Palm OS device must have a minimum processing speed of 200mhz ( check your manual ) and must also be able to play music ( mp3s etc ). Examples of compatible players are : SONY CLIE TJ35 & most other recent Sonys, most PALM TUNGSTENS, most BLACKBERRYS and TAPWAVE ZODIACS.

Install the media player for Palm to your device from the downloads section first ( don`t worry about codecs, they are pre-installed ).

Modern PALM screen resolutions are 320 x 320 or 320 x 480, the vids here are optimized at 320 x 240 so that they will fit as perfectly onto your screen as they can, whilst preserving the original aspect ratio of the video file. Also the bitrate has been optimized to run they properly as low as 200mhz models ( like my ClieTJ35 ). Results are truly excellent though with full 16bit stereo sound.

You will need a memory stick to install all your videos to, so go and buy one. Sony memory sticks are around £80 for 1GB models these days ( May 2005 ), that stick will hold around 60 music videos, 7 TV programs and 2 full length movies ( that have been optimized by us for handhelds ). Tungstens will use a similar memory stick.

Use the `data Import` icon function of your device whilst connected to your PC usb port to bring up your memory stick as an extra disk drive in `My Computer` section theb just dump em into the programs folder within ( or create a sub folder for them there ).


All pocket PC`s should be able to run these as they don`t make models slower than 200mhz

Use your current Media player or download another, you must have installed the Divx/Xvid codec for your device if your media player does not currently support them.

Most Pocket PCs are 320 x 240 so videos should fit fine, just double the picture size on 640 x 480 devices.


Visual IPODS etc, must be able to play .avi ( xvid encoded ) video files, check your manual for details


Would have to be a pretty high spec 2.5G or 3G device with at least 200mhz processor and a way of connecting it to your computer ( usb etc ). You would also need a media player for it ( maybe built in ) that can play the avi/xvid encoded files. But I doubt that hardly any ( if any at all ! ) can cos mobile phones are great for making calls but Shite at everything else, unless you happen to be 8 years old ! ( tiny screen, slow processor, retarded ringtones etc ).

Get yourself a PALM PDA or POCKET PC that has blue tooth technology and doubles up as a phone if you really wanna have some fun, maybe it’s a bit bigger but hey it’s a fully flegged computer in your pocket and not just a playground toy like 3G phones ! `Crazy Frog` and `Tweetie` eat shit and die !


If you have or get one of the latest DVD players that can playback PC avi files ( DivX/Xvid etc ) then you can burn and watch these videos on yer TV. They are not optimized quality wise for this but they will work, use your NERO, EASY CD creator software to burn them as basic data discs to a CD or DVD-R. Also see the Aquire section of this site.

These DVD players can be bought for about £50 these days, I would recommend the `PHILIPS dvp630`, in the UK buy one from Ebuyer here -